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Brainy Tidbits #39:
The Four Motivating Factors


MarketingIdeaShop BRAINY Tidbits

The ezine with brainy ideas & resources
for marketers & small businesses

This newsletter brought to you each Tuesday by
Lois Carter Fay & The Marketing Idea Shop

Issue 39 - February 24, 2004
Reading time: 10 minutes

Circulation:  1355


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1.   What are Your Motivators?
2.   Quote of the Week
3.   Steal This Idea: An Easy Way to Organize Favorites
4.   Marketing 101: Test
5.   Special PR Opportunities for Women
6.   Resources for Entrepreneurs and Marketers
7.   A Little Marketing Fun
8.   Smell the Coffee


1. What Are Your Motivators?    
    By Lois Carter Fay

I had lunch with a client, George Erdman, the president of
EREN Corp., -- http://www.erencorp.com -- and one of his
associates yesterday. George is an interesting guy who
always has about a million ideas going on at one time.

Among other things, the company helps document processes
for a variety of businesses. To do this, George has to
understand the people he is working with and what motivates
them to do their jobs. So, being an engineer...if you know
any engineers, you know they are always finding solutions
to problems that no one else ever thought of...George
created a visual tool to represent the things that motivate

He uses it to help teams understand how to work better
together. He also uses it when he's mentoring business
owners because if you understand what someone's primary
motivators are, you can help them reach their goals.

George calls this tool his "Motivator Pie." It's shaped
like a pie and the sections of the pie can be moved easily
to make one section larger and another smaller. It's a cool
visual representation of the four basic motivating factors:

==> Recognition
People who are motivated by "Recognition" are interested in
respect, admiration, regard, esteem, notoriety and

==> Influence
Those whose primary motivator is "Influence" find power,
control, competition, independence and order to be most

==> Internal
If you are motivated by "Internal" factors, then morals,
duty, intellect, creativity, philanthropy, and honor are
important to you.

==> Profit
"Profit" motivated people strive for success with money,
possessions, acquisitions, wealth, income and growth.

When using the Motivator Pie, you can easily visualize how
important profit, influence, recognition and internal
(personal) factors are to you and how they influence
reaching your goals. You can adjust the size of each
section according to how important it is to you.

After setting the Motivator Pie, you are asked to give some
thought to the following questions:

==> Are my goals consistent with what motivates me?

==> Is there a big difference in my motivations in
different situations?

==> What motivates the people I work (or live) with?

==> Can or do my motivators cause conflict with my
associates (family)?

Which of these factors are most motivating to you? Can you
put a percentage next to each motivator (with the total
equaling 100 percent, of course)? What's most important to
your employees/boss/family members?

The Motivator Pie is 4 inches round, consisting of 5
laminated "color-coded wheels of information" riveted
together. Each motivator factor protrudes like a handle so
you can easily adjust the four factors to their respective
sizes. It's a great way to show others (and yourself) what
factors are important to you.

See what it looks like here.

Get your own Motivator Pie for just $9.95 each plus
shipping here:


Or call 1-800-203-8660

And when you figure out what motivates you--even if it's
NOT profit--there's no better time than now to write and
implement your marketing plan. My ebook, MARKETING PLAN
ESSENTIALS: ONLINE AND OFF, is a great place to start. Read
more about it here:



2.  Quote of the Week

Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our
dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of
spirit, compassion, love, and understanding.
~~Louis Gerstner


3.  Steal This Idea: An Easy Way to Organize Favorites

Have you ever visited a website and then forgotten where it
was when you wanted to return the next day? There are a
couple of ways to solve this problem.

Did you know it's easy to bookmark sites? This works
whether you are using Netscape or Internet Explorer for
your browser. Just depress these two keys together: control
+ D. That automatically bookmarks the site, putting it at
the end of your list of favorites.

If you want to organize your favorites, you would click on
"organize favorites" and then create folders within your
favorites file. You can create folders and drag the
favorites into them by "left clicking and holding" your
mouse and then dragging the favorite to the folder you
choose. You can also quickly get to the "organize
favorites" command by depressing these two keys together:
control + B.

If you forget to bookmark a site, you can still find it
quickly by using the "History" tab on the toolbar or by
depressing these two keys together: control + H. This
brings up all the sites you visited today, yesterday, and
for the past three weeks.


4.  Marketing 101: Tip #26--Test

     Advertising Research By Robert Grede
     © Copyright 2004
     Reprinted with permission

A good way to find out what your customers want is by
testing your advertising. 

Let's say you are creating a direct-mail piece, but you are
undecided whether to use Headline A touting the
dependability of your product, or Headline B boasting the
lowest price. 

Try both. Send one to half your mailing list, the other to
the balance of the list, and watch the results. Your
customers will tell you which is more important.

Retailers understand this concept all too well. Their
reward (or punishment) is immediate. If they have an
effective advertisement, they'll see the noses of eager
customers pressed up against the doors before their store
opens in the morning. If not, they had better write a good
ad fast.

Robert Grede is the author of NAKED MARKETING - THE BARE
ESSENTIALS (Prentice Hall) and an acclaimed speaker.  To
find out more: http://www.thegredecompany.com or order his
book through Amazon here:


or http://tinyurl.com/yrhzl


5.  Special PR Opportunities for Women

==> If Women Ruled the World

If you are interested in voicing your opinion on a variety
of topics, here's an opportunity for you. Sheila Ellison is
editing a book called "If Women Ruled the World" and she is
looking for contributors. The editors are currently
requesting poetry and essays (100-700 words) from women.
Part of the proceeds will go to the non-profit Feminist
Majority. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2004.

The book will be a collection of experiences and ideas from
women about changes you'd like to see in our world, our
families, and our personal lives--from politics, education,
and the environment to fashion, s*e*x, and health.

For submission guidelines and sample essays, go to

==> Success Secrets of Women Entrepreneurs

Getting quoted or profiled in a book is a great way to get
publicity for yourself and your company. Here's a way to
secure long-lasting, positive PR for you and your mentors
or friends.

will have profiles and words of wisdom from a cross-section
of women business owners around the nation (and possibly
the world). Many people have nominated truly outstanding
women for inclusion in the book. Thank you!

However, I still need more nominations. If you know a woman
business owner who you think is amazing, please email me at
mailto:lcf@marketingideashop.com?subject=WBO and tell me
her name. I'll send you the nomination form. If your
nominee is chosen, your name and website will be included
in the book, as well.

Although I can only profile 30 to 50 women entrepreneurs in
this ebook, you have another opportunity for fame. In
addition to these in-depth profiles, I will include
succinct quotes about success from many more women

What's your definition of success? Email your comments to
me at

Don't miss out! This is a fabulous chance to get publicity
for yourself and your company. I will, of course, include
your name and website in the book if your quote is chosen.


6.  Resources for Entrepreneurs and Marketers

==> Thanks to Kim Komando at http://www.komando.com for
this tip. Worried about having your computer attacked by
hackers? You may need a firewall. If you already have a
firewall or you are on a wireless network with a router,
you can test your computer's vulnerability on the Internet.
These two sites will probe your firewall (f~ree) for


==> Thanks to Digital Women at http://www.digital-women.com
for this clever idea. Ever wonder what your website looks
like when viewed by a Mac computer? Daniel Vine offers you
the chance to see it for f~ree the way Mac users see it.
Here's what he says on his site, "iCapture is provided as a
public service to the 97% of the computing world without
macs. Standing tall, we 3% hereby declare 'we too have a
browser'." Go on, check yours here:


==> Thanks to Don Crawford at Shickel Corp.
http://www.shickel.com for this website. Here's a site that
has a ton of information on industrial and commercial
businesses. The database is searchable by NAICS codes,
product, service or brand name.


==> Amazon: 2 for the Price of 1

Here's a special deal from Amazon on Shel Horowitz's
marketing books. Those of you who joined my list before
September may remember Shel Horowitz and his successful
one-day "virtual book-signing" for his new book,
"Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First." Now
Amazon is offering quite a deal if you buy that one
together with his practical low-cost marketing how-to book,
"Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World."

Visit the link below and then scroll down a bit to "better
together," and you can get both these wonderful books for
$28.32 including domestic shipping. Considering that Shel
sells "Grassroots" for $28.45 including domestic shipping,
it's like getting "Principled Profit" as a no-cost bonus.
How do they do it?


Or if the link is broken, use this:


7.  A Little (Internet) Marketing Fun

Thanks to http://www.w3schools.com for this one:

Customer: "I am getting an error message from my email

Support: "What is the error message?"

Customer: "There are no new messages"

Help keep the smiles coming...please send me your
marketing, PR or sales jokes. I'll be happy to give you
credit and list your website! Email me:


8.  Smell the Coffee...

I'm still one of those people who uses a printed daily
planner. Although I have the ability to do this through
ACT! and Outlook, I don't keep a record of my appointments
on my computer, and I don't use a PDA. (Sadly, it may be
time to change this.)

Imagine my panic when I attended a meeting over the
weekend, drove halfway home (two hours), and I found that I
left my daily planner at the meeting site!

Luckily, a friend picked it up and let me know he had
it...and I'll be eternally grateful. I was able to find out
what appointments I had scheduled for the first few days of
the week to hold me until FedEx could deliver the missing
planner. It's good to have friends to watch out for you.

I think that's about enough excitement for one week!



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